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President Murmu: Gender Inequalities Are Going Down; Yoga, Ayurveda Are India’s Gifts to … – Latest Tweet – LatestLY

President Murmu: Gender inequalities are going down; Yoga, Ayurveda are India’s gifts to the world

Read @ANI Story | #PresidentofIndia #genderinequalities #yoga #Ayurveda #IndependenceDay2022 #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav— ANI Digital (@ani_digital) August 14, 2022

(SocialLY bring…….

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Older Galaxy Fold devices rumored to get the new Z Fold4 Taskbar – news –

One of the less discussed aspects of the new Galaxy Z Fold4, unveiled a couple of days ago is its software situation. Namely, the move to Google’s Android 12L – a branch of the company’s popular mobile OS meant specifically for foldables, tablets, and Chrome OS devices, which debuted last year.

Previous Galaxy Z Fold devices will get the new Taskbar introduced with…….

Android OS
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World champion mountaineer falls to her death while hiking Mont Blanc – The Telegraph

Winemakers say the early harvest, heat stress, and burned, dried out grapes could hugely undermine the 2022 vintage.

Meanwhile, firefighters have been battling multiple forest fires that had been raging across the country, including in the regions of Jura, Averyon, Finistère and Gironde.

Within one week, wildfires in Gironde razed 7,400 hectares, making it the second big loss of…….

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Running backwards, a new kind of jogging or a crazy trend? – US Sports – US Sports –

Each time Sarthak Malani overtakes another runner in a half-marathon, the bewildered look that the latter gives him redoubles his satisfaction.

It must be said that he sees very well the faces of these runners behind him. He runs backwards.

“People keep telling me I’m not the right way,” he said.

If so, he’s not the only one. More and more runners are turning aro…….

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6 Best Yoga Poses to Improve Lung Capacity – Sportskeeda

Lung capacity refers to the amount of air your lungs can hold in one full breath. Greater the amount of air you can take in, greater is the amount of oxygen that reaches your blood in one go.

Needless to say, it’s important to have healthy lungs and a good lung capacity. That’s of greater importance, especially for asthma patients. Although exercise generally helps increase your lung ca…….