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Q4OS team informs Softpedia today on the general availability of a new desktop theme for the Trinity Desktop Environment used in their Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution.
Q4OS is a small GNU/Linux distribution based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux operating system and built around the Trin…….

Enlarge / AlmaLinux lets you build applications that work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux but can’t promise the exact same bug environment. That’s different from how they started, but it’s also a chance to pick a new path forward.AlmaLinux OS


Ezra Bailey/Getty ImagesI remember a time when Linux desktop distributions were more about helping users get work done and less about showing how modern and magical the desktop can be. To be fair, I much prefer the modern takes on the desktop, such as GNOME, KDE Plasma, and Pantheon. That doe…….

Kali Linux, a Debian-based distribution, is renowned for its robust security features and comprehensive suite of penetration testing tools. Originally developed by Offensive Security, it’s widely used by cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts for various security-related tasks, including penetr…….

The antiX distro offers a solid operating system that many other Linux communities fail to deliver. It is unassuming but reliable and focuses on performance rather than prettiness.
That last element goes a long way to giving users distraction-free com…….

When I first learned that System76 and HP were partnering on a laptop running Pop!_OS, I was absolutely shocked. After all, System76 is a computer manufacturer, so HP is sort of one of its competitors. Not to mention, Pop!_OS isn’t exactly a well-known operating system outside the Li…….

Pop!_OS Linux from System76 is expanding with more vendors, as HP now have a teaser up for the HP Dev One laptop. Built for developers they say, although with the kind of specs on offer it seems like it might make quite a good gaming machine too.
Some of the specs include:

8-Core AMD Ryzen™ 7 P…….

DellRALEIGH, NC — Today, the Dell XPS-13 with Ubuntu Linux is easily the most well-known Linux laptop. Many users, especially developers — including Linus Torvalds — love it. As Torvalds recently said, “Normally, I wouldn’t name names, but I’m making an exception for the XPS 13 just because …….

MX Linux 23, the latest stable version of the popular operating system, is now available for download. This release is built on the sturdy foundation of Debian 12 “Bookworm” and MX repositories. Just as with previous versions, MX Linux 23 defaults to sysVinit while keeping system…….