Once upon a time operating systems shipped on a stack of 1.4MP floppy disks. These days most come on DVDs because the installer files can’t fit on 640MB CDs. And then there’s Tiny Core Linux.Tiny Core is a light-weight Linux distribution focused on providing a fast, small, but usable operating s…….

4MLinux Allinone Edition, a Linux operating system built from scratch that wants to provide a complete desktop experience while keeping the smallest size possible, has been upgraded to version 12.0.
The Allinone Edition of the 4MLinux distro brings all the tools under one roof. There are q…….

We reported a week ago that the developer of the 4MLinux project informed us about the Beta release of the 4MLinux Core 15.0 distribution. Today, November 15, Zbigniew Konojacki has announced the immediate availability of 4MLinux 15.0 Beta.
According to Mr. Konojacki, 4MLinux 15.0 Beta is …….

Too Long; Didn’t ReadVirtualization has grown to be the core foundation that drives capacity utilization, efficiency, and cost reduction in the IT sector. However, a system as vital as this has lots of solutions. In as much as these solutions are much more welcome, their presence prompts the dilemma…….

Deepin Linux. You may not have heard much about this distribution, and the fact that it’s often left out of the conversation is a shame. Why? Because Deepin Linux is as beautiful as it is user-friendly. This distribution has plenty of “wow” factor and very little disappointment.


[Phoronix] Big Linux 2.1 (3D) Image (Biglinux 21 Ss4)

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< Previous Photograph – Return To Article – Next Photograph >Big Linux 2.1 (3D): Ever since Microsoft had released information regarding Avalon with its 3D support, …….

TrueNAS Scale 22.02 Release Dashboard
This is the release we have been waiting for. Today, TrueNAS Scale has finally hit release. We are just going to quickly discuss some of the big points but will have more content on STH for the release at a later date. We wanted to get i…….

After a long delay, a new MakuluLinux LinDoz release is pending last-minute finishing touches and is a week — if not days — away, according to developer Jacque Montague Raymer.
Over the last few months, I have been testing what is now the final bu…….

MakuluLinux Aero, a Linux distribution based on the Debian testing branch that uses Cinnamon and some customizations that make it look like a Windows OS, has been released.
There are quite a few operating systems out there that try to emulate the look and feel of Windows OSes. This trend has incre…….

Red Hat, CentOS’s Linux parent company, announced last week it was “shifting focus from CentOS Linux, the rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which tracks just ahead of a current RHEL release.” CentOS users were, shall we say, not amused. OK, actually, they’re fit to be ti…….