When I first learned that System76 and HP were partnering on a laptop running Pop!_OS, I was absolutely shocked. After all, System76 is a computer manufacturer, so HP is sort of one of its competitors. Not to mention, Pop!_OS isn’t exactly a well-known operating system outside the Li…….

Pop!_OS Linux from System76 is expanding with more vendors, as HP now have a teaser up for the HP Dev One laptop. Built for developers they say, although with the kind of specs on offer it seems like it might make quite a good gaming machine too.
Some of the specs include:

8-Core AMD Ryzen™ 7 P…….

Pop!_OS has been my daily driver until I recently switched to Linux Mint to experience Cinnamon.

If you have used Pop!_OS by System76, you probably know that it is based on Ubuntu releases with LTS and non-LTS editions.

While I always believed that Pop!_OS does a few things better …….

System76 have done something very interesting with Pop!_OS lately, a change that should give you better performance in games and get a more responsive desktop overall on Linux.
It comes in the form of their new System76 Scheduler, which they describe as:

Scheduling service which optimizes Linux’s …….

Earlier this year, System76 introduced their desktop environment (DE) “COSMIC” based on GNOME.

The COSMIC desktop aimed to offer a polished and more functional experience when compared to GNOME.

Considering my previous experience with Pop!_OS, System76 always seems to have top-n…….

Most HP computers ship with Windows, but from time to time the company has dabbled in Linux by offering models with Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. HP’s next Linux laptop is a little different.The upcoming HP Dev One is a 14 inch laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor that will ship with Pop!_OS p…….

The HP Dev One is a notebook designed for professional developers. The 3.24 pound notebook has a 14 inch full HD display, a backlit spill-resistant keyboard with a pointing stick in the center as well as a glass-covered clickpad below it, and an AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 5850U processor.But the main thing th…….

Rumors have been swirling lately that HP was planning to release a laptop running the Pop!_OS operating system. Today, System76’s CEO Carl Richell shared on Twitter that this is absolutely happening — a 14-inch developer-focused notebook called “Dev One.” While this is good news for…….