Psychology matters at least as much as mother nature in deciding the human toll of a tsunami – Stuff

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Withstanding a tsunami depends not just on the power of the waves, the depth of the water, or the strength of buildings. It relies on our brains responding in specific ways. In part two of a series on tsunami risk, National Correspondent Charlie Mitchell examines the psychological war gaming that…….

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Peloton says it’s slashing 780 jobs, closing stores and hiking prices – msnNOW

Peloton told employees it is slashing roughly 780 jobs, closing a significant number of its stores and hiking the prices of some equipment.  The company didn’t specify how many of its 86 retail locations it plans to shutter.  It said it will be exiting last-mile logistics and closing its remaining warehouses and shifting delivery work to third-party providers.

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Lohmann: Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a memory that will never fade – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Soon after writing about two Goochland sisters and their remarkable summer – one hiked the length of the Appalachian Trail, the other was pedaling from coast to coast – I received an email from reader Tom Grenell in Emporia.

Grenell wrote in admiration of what Eliza and Maya Sweeney were doing and said another pair of siblings did the same thing 34 years ago: he and h…….

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Meditation app Calm axes 20% of workforce – Yahoo Sports

US-based meditation app Calm has axed 20% of its workforce, becoming the latest US tech company to announce job cuts.

The firm did not elaborate on the reason for the cuts, which affect about 90 people from its 400-person staff.

The tech sector generally is under pressure from investors to rein in costs as the boom in online activity triggered by the pandemic fades.

Boss Danie…….

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25 Peaceful Meditation Spaces To Inspire Your Mindfulness Practice – House Digest

With a front platform, white walls, and identical furniture, this meditation room is bright, open, and minimal. The black table stands out, and the decor is very simple yet modern with smooth, light wood floors. The gold statue in the front center of the room is a beautiful focal point that brings the room together well.


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Contoured Yoga Grip Accessories – Trend Hunter

Performing a range of yoga techniques is proven to increase physical abilities and strength but can be uncomfortable on the joints, which is something the Wrist Buddy Yoga Blocks are here to help with.

The yoga blocks are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, and can be easily incorporated into a yogi’s daily practice. The blocks come in right and left-handed styles that can be gripped w…….