Bronze medals for Fiji in Weightlifting Championships – FBC News

Fiji won two bronze medals at the Oceania Weightlifting Online Championships.
Sebiuta Talamaiwasa won a bronze in the women’s 71kg and Taniela Rainibogi in the men’s 96kg categories.
Team Captain Patrick Tawake narrowly missed out on a bronze medal in the 81kg category after finishing third following the snatch competition and going into the clean and jerk with the next lifter registering 10k…….

Landmark for weightlifting as Oceania athletes compete in virtual Championships –

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Yoga Guide: Beginners Edition – The George-Anne

Want to try yoga, but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck! 
Yoga instructor Melanie Sparrow of Statesboro’s only women-focused gym, EMPOWhER by 180 Fitness, is here to guide you in the right direction. EMPOWhER is the “women-focused only gym” in Statesboro, offering various amenities such as personal training and group fitness classes.
Although EMPOWhER is exclusive to women, thi…….

Yoga for people with ADHD: Benefits, what to know, and more – Medical News Today

Practicing yoga can help reduce symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Because yoga focuses on breath control and mindfulness, it can help people with ADHD stay present and remain focused.ADHD makes it difficult for individuals to maintain their focus, manage their energy levels, and control their impulses. However, some research suggests yoga may benefit people with the cond…….

Woman terrified by sinister messages from somebody who saw her out jogging – Birmingham Live

A woman has shown terrifying messages she got after stalker saw her on hike, tracked her down on social media and harassed her. The text message exchange began with a man writing: “Hey did I see you at Runyon canyon today?” “Um who is this?” replied the woman. READ MOREMum left furious over what in-laws have taught her kids, 13 and 5, to do “I’m pretty sure I saw you hiking at Runyon canyon thi…….

Daily Joke: Mr Grasshopper and Mr Centipede had plans to go jogging – Starts at 60

Mr Grasshopper and Mr Centipede had plans to go jogging. Mr Grasshopper knocks on Mr Centipede’s door and nobody answers.
After a coupled failed attempts Mr Grasshopper this time knocked while yelling, “Mr Centipede! You home? Hello?” Still nobody answers.
Mr Grasshopper then starts ringing the doorbell, yelling in an even louder voice, “You said 10am! Where are you?”
Mr Centipede finall…….

The Best Meditation Pillows to Help You Stay Centered and Comfortable –

For anyone wanting to dedicate a space to their meditation practice—maybe a corner in a room they hope to fill with crystals, Himalayan lamps, and candles—your selection needs to encourage more of an environment. This set includes a supportive sitting mat (27 x 31 inches) and a zen cushion (16 inches), helping you to find proper spine alignment, a comfier position for knees and ankles, and a …….

Coca-Cola Launches E-Sports Partnership – Hospitality Ireland

Coca-Cola has stated that, with an increased focus on expanding its e-commerce and digital footprint, Coca-Cola is pleased to announce its first competitive gaming tournament The Coca-Cola Copa Challenge, which will see gaming influencers compete against one another at the prominent Football Manager 2021 title. 
Fuelled by the lockdown environment, gaming in Ireland i…….